A Look At The 3 Important Facets Of Confined Space Rescue Services

In industrial situations, there are a lot of hazards that can come along with the job setting. Employees facing the need to get into tight spots is one of those hazardous situations, and unfortunately, sometimes people do get stuck. In the event that one of your employees gets trapped in a confined space, it is helpful to know there are professionals who specifically handle this type of emergency event: Confined space rescue services. Those that offer this highly specialized emergency help have extensive training for helping people in dire predicaments. Here is a look at the four most important facets of a confined space rescue service. 

1. The team has extensive advanced training. 

Every person who shows up to help during a confined-space rescue will have extensive advanced training. These people know the typical measures for medical aid and rescue but often go through months of special skills training just to be allowed on the job. These individuals are trained to be ready for a multitude of different scenarios and situations, so they can react quickly when they arrive at an accident scene. 

2. The team has multiple levels of qualification. 

Those that work in confined space have to have extensive education and obtain specific qualifications, so they are well prepared for their jobs. The individuals that show up to help may hold qualifications in things like:

  • First aid
  • CPR and other life-saving measures
  • Hazardous material safety
  • Air rescue processes

Also, some confined space rescue service team members hold specific medical qualifications. For example, some may be registered nurses or capable of providing anesthesia if necessary. Plus, you may find that some of these services send along a professional team member who is familiar with OSHA requirements. 

3. The team is experienced with complex rescue situations. 

When a person is trapped in a confined space, it makes everything about rescue difficult, from treating injuries to getting someone in the space to get the person in safety harnesses for retrieval. Because every team member is extensively trained, they are capable of coming up with a complex rescue plan at the spur of the moment when every minute could be precious because the confined person is in danger. As soon as the call goes out for help, the professionals will begin devising a plan of action based on the setup of the workplace, the injuries involved if any, and the severity of the entrapment. 

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