Protect Your Event against Medical Emergencies

Although medical emergencies are sometimes unpreventable, being unprepared for a medical issue at your event can reflect poorly on your planning team. Here are some ways that you can prepare for this type of emergency to keep your guests safe.

Equip Your Site for Emergencies

The first step to preparing for an emergency is to decide what type of preventative infrastructure is necessary. If you're running a small event, you may only have a budget for renting some first aid kits. Depending on the age group that you're working with, you may want to rent equipment geared towards preventing age-related emergencies; for instance, at an event for older adults, a defibrillator can be a great option for dealing with cardiac emergencies.

Decide How to Administer Care

Depending on your event size, there are several options for providing emergency care. If you are hosting a smaller event, it can be beneficial to have an emergency first responder on staff, or at least have some staff trained in first aid. Make sure that your guests know who to turn to in case of a medical issue.

For larger or riskier events, an onsite medic is a great way to keep everyone safe. The medic can treat medical issues as well as stay on the lookout for guests who are showing signs of medical issues. The medic will provide basic life support for an injured guest until the ambulance arrives.

Aside from considering who will administer medical care, you'll also need to decide where the care should take place. A first aid booth is a great idea for high visibility medical care at your event, but you may have to opt for a sterilized desk dedicated to your first aid team.

Have an Emergency Response Plan

Before your event, it's important to decide how you'll handle an emergency if you need to seek outside care. For instance, know the name and location of the closest hospital. Make sure that all of your staff are aware of how to get outside help; you may want to provide cell phones that have emergency numbers saved in the contacts.

Hopefully, your event will run smoothly without any medical emergencies. However, over-planning for emergencies can protect you from liability, keep your guests safe and comfortable, and prevent you from damaging your organization's name.  Be sure that you have a solid medical plan in place before you need it. Talk to a professional like Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd for assistance.

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